• The 315th Bomb Wing (VH) Association was founded on October 4, 1984, as a corporation not for profit, by George E. Harrington (deceased), who was also the first Executive Director. The Association was led by a Chairman, Vice Chairman and an Executive Director. There were seven directors that covered six geographical areas and one director for the Air Service Groups, an "In Memoriam" Chairman and four honorary directors. Original by-laws called for annual reunions and membership limited to veterans of the 315th Bomb Wing and its subordinate units. Later the by-laws were modified to allow associate memberships to surviving spouses of deceased members and honorary memberships to others with a connection to the 315th Bomb Wing.

  • The 25th Annual reunion of the 315th Bomb Wing Association was held in Washington, DC, June 11-15, 2008. At that reunion, the resolution passed at the 2007 reunion to dissolve the 315th Bomb Wing Association was upheld and dissolution paperwork was begun. Therefore, this was the last reunion to be held under the auspices of The 315th Bomb Wing Association.

  • Several of the 2nd and 3rd generation of the veterans present at the June 2008 reunion in Washington, DC, identified a goal to continue holding reunions to allow the veterans to meet and gather together. Fifty-two people signed the list to aid and provide support to continue the tradition of reunions for the members of the 315th Bombardment Wing (Very Heavy). A motion was made and accepted by the existing board of directors of the Association to provide whatever support they could to see future reunions occur.

    A permament display of 315th Bombardment Wing (VH) memoribilia is located at the Pima County Air and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona.

    Additional memoribilia of the 315th Bomb Wing Association is located at the Museum of the Soldier, Portland, Indiana.

    The Association has held annual reunions since 1984. Locations where reunions have been held:

    1984 - Orlando, Florida
    1985 - Omaha, Nebraska
    1986 - Marina Del Ray, California. From there, several members of the Association travelled to re-visit Guam.
    1987 - San Antonio, Texas
    1988 - Dayton, Ohio
    1989 - Washington, DC
    1990 - Colorado Springs, Colorado
    1991 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    1992 - Seattle, Washington
    1993 - St. Louis, Missouri
    1994 - Orlando, Florida
    1995 - Dayton, Ohio
    1996 - Tucson, Arizona
    1997 - San Antonio, Texas
    1998 - Nashville, Tennessee
    1999 - Tucson, Arizona
    2000 - Omaha, Nebraska
    2001 - New Orleans, Louisiana
    2002 - Indianapolis, Indiana
    2003 - Dayton, Ohio
    2004 - Wichita, Kansas
    2005 - Orlando, Florida
    2006 - Tucson, Arizona
    2007 - St. Louis, Missouri
    2008 - Washington, DC

    Since 2009, Mike Berdan, with the assistance of others, has arranged for 315th Bomb Wing reunions in the following cities:

    2009 - Reading, Pennsylvania
    2010 - Dayton, Ohio
    2011 - New Orleans, Louisiana
    2012 - Washington, DC
    2013 - Kansas City, Missouri
    2014 - Hartford, Connecticut, New England Air Museum, May 15-18 in conjunction with 58th BW

    Beginning with the 2015 reunion, B-29 Wings of the Marianas, was formed in an effort to get all of the B-29 wings of the Marianas together for reunions. Their web page is B-29 Wings of the Marianas . Reunion information will be posted here as well as on the B-29 Wings of the Marianas web page. (See the link on the left of the 315th home page, Reunions.)

    2015 - Washington, DC
    2016 - New Orleans, Louisiana
    2017 - Wichita, Kansas
    2018 - Omaha, Nebraska
    2019 - Dayton OH
    2020 - Cancelled - COVID
    2021 - Colorado Springs
    2022 - Tucson, Arizona, Oct 22-26, 2022
    2023 - Planning for Wichita, Kansas, Oct 18-22, 2023

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    May 25, 2023