In the military everything is documented. Technical Orders gave specifications and instructions for maintenance and operations of various equipment from the airplanes themselves to how to load bombs and everything in between. A couple of those technical orders are offered here.

One of these technical orders, or TOs for short, was the Flight Handbook, TO AN 01-20EJA-1. There is rhyme and reason for the TO numbering system, but it is too indepth for this page.
From this webpage you may download a copy of the Flight Handbook TO, the dash 1, as a zip file from this link, Tech Order 01-20EJA-1 Zip File This is a 424M file. It will take time to load. Right click on the link and select save as. This is a collection of JPEG images of scans from the original document. This particular Flight Handbook includes the B-29B and is dated post war, but not many of these manuals exist. I was pleased to be able to find a copy and have the opportunity to scan it.
There is also a folder on the web with the individual scanned pages. Some of interest may be a chart page showing the main differences between the various models of the B-29s.

There is another TO, the TO AN 01-20EJ-2, which was entitled Erection and Maintenance Manual. It too is a large file, however this one is in an Adobe PDF format. This tells you everything you need

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March 21, 2016