I have set up a custom Google Search feature for these web pages. Enter a search term in the box and the entire site will be searched for the term.

I have set up a 315th Bomb Wing Yahoo Group. I have restricted access to the group to only those who have some sort of current or former affiliation with the 315th. My hopes are that this will keep any spammers from becoming members. If you elect to join the Yahoo Group, I will have to authorize it. I will be contacting you to determine what your connection to the 315th is before authorizing your access.

For those not familiar with a Yahoo Group, it accepts messages from the members of the Group and resends that message to all the Group Subscribers. It is often called a mail list. So, whatever you post is seen by all members of the list.

For some reason, the links below for the Yahoo Groups isn't working correctly. I leave it here only as a reference, I've done limited troubleshooting and can't seem to figure it out right now.

Visit https://groups.yahoo.com/groups/315thBombWing/join . You will need to create a Yahoo account if you don't already have one.

Click to join 315thBombWing

Click to join 315thBombWing

Webpage by Larry Miller

December 1, 2018