Some web resources:

  • Air Force Historical Research Agency, Numbered USAF Historical Studies
  •, Sallyanns web page, B-29 Superfortress Then and now
  •, Scott Burris' web site, formerly, information about USAAF, units, databases. Site has a good forum for posting question or information.
  • Joe Baugher, Aircraft Serial Numbers 1908-Present
  • Tom Mathewsons' web page about T Square 54 and several links to other web sites.

    Links to other B-29 and WWII Army Air Force sites:

    20th Air Force, Parent Numbered Air Force for B-29's in the Pacific
  • Offical 20th Air Force Association web site
    58th Bombardment Wing (Very Heavy), West Field Tinian
  • 40th Bomb Gp (VH), 58th BW, West Field, Tinian
  • 444th Bomb Group , 58th BW, CBI and West Field, Tinian.
  • 462nd Bomb Group
  • 468th Bomb Group

    73th Bombardment Wing (Very Heavy), Isley Field Saipan

  • 497th Bomb Group
  • 498th Bomb Group
  • 499th Bomb Group
  • 500th Bomb Group

    313th Bombardment Wing (Very Heavy), North Field Tinian

  • 6th Bomb Group
  • 9th Bomb Group
  • 504th Bomb Group
  • 505th Bomb Group

    314th Bombardment Wing (Very Heavy), North Field Guam

  • 19th Bomb Gp (VH), 314th BW, North Field, Guam
  • 29th Bomb Gp (VH), 314th BW, North Field, Guam
  • 39th Bomb Gp (VH), 314th BW, North Field, Guam
  • 330th Bomb Group (VH), 314BW, North Field, Guam

    509th Composite Group, North Field Tinian

  • 509th Composite Group, Unit that dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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    September 1, 2011