This page provides some data on the effort to resupply those who were Prisoners of War held by the Japanese.

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B-29s of the 20th AF assembled on Baker runway, Saipan, Marianas Islands to load food and clothing to be dropped to PW Camps.
(Image above from, their collection of images from the National Archives.)

The images shown below are also from the National Archives. Thanks to Rob Williams, who visited the archives, obtained and provided the images.

The following TWX is from 315th BW Headquarters to the subordinate groups advising impending missions to obtain Prisoner of War (POW) supplies from Saipan and prepare for air drops of supplies to POW camps.

As stated on the subject line, the final instructions for the cargo lift from Saipan.

Tasking from the 20AF to identify which camps the 315th were to target for the supply drops.

As stated in the message from 20th AF, limits on altitude and drop speed for supply drops.

The "originator" and "to" lines are missing, but it seems this was a Field Order tasking message generated by
HQ 315th Bomb Wing and sent to the 331st and 502nd Bomb Groups for action.

The part of the above message, Field Order #3 that applies to the 502nd Bomb Wing.
The portion with the tasking for the 331st Bomb Group is missing.

Additional portions of Field Order #3

This is the communications annex to Field Order #3.

The next three images are mission boards for the POW Resupply Missons.
Times are listed as "K" time. That is the local time zone designator for Guam.
This time zone is 10 Hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)(known in military circles as Zulu or Z time.).

The following is a report on a POW Resupply mission to Northern Honshu island.

Part of a post drop report for missions on 31 Aug 45 and 1 Sep 45
Slicker was the call sign for aircraft of the 331st Bomb Group.
Temper was the call sign for the 502nd Bomb Group.

Prior to the end of the war, known prisoner camps were put on the Black List.
(There is an explanation, I'm sure, I just don't know what that is right now.)
Perhaps it meant these areas were off limits for bombing.
As part of the armistance agreements, the Japanese were required to provide a list of prisoner camps.
This list was far from complete and was termed the "Yellow List."

Images of the 20th AF summaries of total drops.

The following information relates to 315th Bomb Wing taskings and results. The data is taken from various sources and each section is presented approximately how it shows on the original sources.

Reports are numbered in the order issued.
POW Supply Missions flown 27 August - 20 Sep 45

Report No.

Mission To

POW Report 10 30 Aug 45 Tokyo - Yokohama area #15 3335N - 13945E 315 POW M2 (Omori)
POW Report 11 30 Aug 45 Mukden Area 2 4149N - 12329E 315 POW M2
POW Report 12 30 Aug 45 Tokyo - Yokohama area #17 3530N - 13940E 315 POW M2
POW Report 13 30 Aug 45 Tokyo - Yokohama #270 3551N - 13940E POW M2 (not clear if a 315th mission)
POW REport 15 29,30 Aug 45 Tokyo - Yokohama #13 3552N - 13939E POW M1, M3 (photo ref indicates 315th)
POW Report 16 30 Aug 45 China Fort Bayard 211130N - 1102200E POW M2
POW Report 55 3 Sep 45 Akita Area (No 281) 4044N - 14056E Mission No 315 POW M4
POW Report 56 4 Sep 45 Narumi 3404N - 13657E Mission No 315 POW M4
POW Report 57 2 Sep 45 Nagasaki 3243N - 12950E Mission No 315 POW M4
POW Report 70 1 Sep 45 Iwataki City/Asono Lake 3534N - 13513E Mission No POW M3 315 Wing
POW Report 71 1 Sep 45 Ohaski 3928N - 14143E Mission No 315 POW M3
POW Report 72 1 Sep 45 Ube 3356N - 13111E Mission No 315 POW M3
POW Report 110 1 Sep 45 Osaka 3436N - 13527E Mission No 315 POW M3 (A/C 067)
POW Report 111 1 Sep 45 Iwaki No Coords Mission No 315 POW M3
POW Report 112 1 Sep 45 Miskojima 3423N - 13312E Mission No 315 POW M3
POW Report 114 1 Sep 45 3916N - 14143E Mission 315 POW M3
POW Report 115 1 Sep 45 Ube 3344N - 13056E Mission 315 POW M3
POW Report 116 1 Sep 45 Niigata sub camp #5 No Coord Mission Mo 315 POW M-3
POW Report 117 1 Sep 45 Fukushima 3746N - 14028E 315 POW M-3
POW Report 118 1 Sep 45 Maizuru 3532N - 13510E 315 POW M-3
POW Report 119 1 Sep 45 Maizuru 3526N - 13517E 315 POW M-3
POW Report 120 1 Sep 45 Narumi (Nagoya) 3404N - 13657E 315 POW M-3
POW Report 121 2 Sep 45 Iwaki 315 POW M3

Flown: 29-30 August 1945
Group # 16

Camp #270

A/C # 62     T.O. 281932Z     Landed: 291035Z    Drop: 290240     Pkgs: 32

Camp #276

A/C # 34     T.O. 281931Z     Landed: 291102Z     Drop: 290340     Pkgs: 31

Unnamed Camp as alternate for Fukiyama Ward (35-36N 139-45E)

A/C # 5       T.O. 281929Z     Landed: 291045Z     Drop: 290250    Pkgs: 32

Camp #277

Take Off:     First--281918     Last---282220
Drop:     First--290308     Last---280605
Landing:     First--291145     Last---291447
A/C # 9       Pkgs:   32
A/C # 13     Pkgs:   31
A/C # 30     Pkgs:   33

Shikoku (34-13-05N 133-46-42E)

Take Off:     First--281855     Last---282135
Drop:     First--290200     Last---280505
Landing:     First--291030     Last---291320
A/C # 2       Pkgs:   30
A/C # 26     Pkgs:   33
A/C # 36     Pkgs:   32

Mukden--Hoten Camp #2 (north) (41--48N 123-27E)

Take Off:     First--281849     Last---290400
Drop:     First--290850     Last---300500
Landing:     First--300300     Last---020340
A/C # 7       Pkgs:   32
A/C # 8       Pkgs:   31
A/C # 53     Pkgs:   32

Mukden--Unnamed Camp (41-46-30N 123-28E

Take Off:     First--281824     Last---281959
Drop:     First--290850     Last---300415
Landing:     First--292045     Last---310341
A/C # 3       Pkgs:   33
A/C # 10     Pkgs:   33
A/C # 14     Pkgs:   32
A/C # 32     Pkgs:   32
A/C # 59     Pkgs:   31
A/C # 66     Pkgs:   33

Source is 16th Bomb Group history for Sept 1945

A final report for the 2 September 45 POW mission shows;
Flown: 2 September 1945
Mission: Per TWX AOMCR 5002. dated 010050Z
1. Group: 16th
2. Area: Kobe-Osaka
3. Total a/c airborne: 1 (41V536)
4. Total packages airborne: 34.
5. Camp & Package Informatino:       A. Briefed as camp #15, Kobe-Osaka Area, town of Maizura (35 28 45N 135 22 30E).
            1. No a/c dropping: 0
            2. No & type packages dropped: 0
            3. Time of drop: Not pertinent.
            4. Altitude: Not pertinent.
            5. Air Speed: Not pertinent
            6. Length of run: Not pertinent.
            7. Wind and clouds: Not pertinent.
            8. Time of takeoff: 011946Z
            9. Time of reutrn: Crashed on landing at 012332Z.
            10. Observations: Not pertinent.
6. Packages jettisoned: None
7. Packages returned: 34 (crashed and burned with a/c upon landing)
8. No a/c failing to drop: 1 (41V536) abort and crashed on landing---reason unknown.
9. No a/c lost: 1 (41V536) Abort and crashed on landing---reason unknown.
10. Remarks: None

Source is 16th Bomb Group history for Sept 1945

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