339th Signal Company, Wing

The 339th Signal Company, Wing, was assigned to Northwest Field. I am trying to determine what function it actually provided. I believe their purpose was to provide telephone services to the field as well as long haul administrative communications messaging that was not provided by the AACS unit assigned to Northwest Field. Other indications show that tactical radio transmitting and receiving equipment was in use in this unit.

The 339th was authorized 8 officers and 122 enlisted men. They received their training at Camp Pinedale in California.

Although manning documents from the Air Corp show the 339th was assigned to Northwest Field, microfilmed histories of the unit indicate they were used in the area of the South West Pacific. Guam was considered, during the war years, as in the Western Pacific. Other historical records show the 332nd Signal Company, Wing was assigned to Northwest Field, 11 May 1945. Othere research shows the 332nd Signal Company in the 9th Air Force in Europe.

Obviously, more research is needed here.

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Updated July 2, 2013